"The new music is very Innovative Interesting and Diverse bro you got talent. Truly unique sounds and really a dynamic style of muisc nothin like i heard before." -- J-Cos

"Just can say only one thing. Lovin' it. just... Lovin' it "-- DJ Ruskii

"Pumping Good Stuff. Strong clean productions.. Great synth programming . Loving the vibe.. keep it alive" .. peace -- DJ M3Lodic

"Good stuff. It really takes you on a ride from floatin on a cloud to smashing you head up and down." -- NEMESIS IXI

"Professional work!very good your work!..you now the way of the house music!" -- DJ TFOX

"Ocean Dreams is the first of your tracks i`ve managed to listen to and i`ve got to say well done as it`s a nice mix of operatic vocal with progressive house/trance ,great ." -- DJ Wyne

"Awesome song man, finally a song worthy of first place on the charts unlike some previous crap, keep up the great work!" -- DJ LELIX

"Oustanding. Kinda reminds me of Trance in Control Wherever they went. Good blend of melodies, very uplifing and melodic."--- One Dark Room

"Outstanding!! You have found just the right blend of echno,house,and electronica. Excellent production and musicianship! "--DJ Ranged

"Excellent display of emotion and power!" --Radio Dystopia

"Excellent production of voices. I love this theme. Excelent. Una pasada de temas, señores, no se lo pierdan." --Radio XCM80

"I gotta say Ocean Dreams is the illest trance piece I've ever heard. The story goes crazy with it. Masterful.." --- DJ Super Ego

"WOW Land of ectasy blew me away excellent just excellent "-- Casinoh, Soundclick

"Arnold Gs musical passion is a danceable homage to our ever-growing freedom and joy "-- Harrison, National radio host, Harrison on the Edge

"The best thing about Our Rainbow, Is that when you look at the lyrics, its is poetry. The line that says: But all these things Im finding, are impossible for me.. I (personally) read as: but with all the colors of the rainbow (meaning everyone together), things can be better. "-- Jeff Long, The Party World

"Our Rainbow musical is making a difference when other victims will sit back and take it" -- Rod Kartochvil, LAPD

"Arnold G has a dance hit on his hands with his self penned tune Give It To Me Baby. And youll be seein stars, when you see him perform on the stage. !" -- Allan Rich, Composer and Song Writing www.allenrich.com

"Our Rainbow music and the lyrics are poignant" -- Donald, San Francisco  

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