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Singer, Songwriter & Dance PoP Artist Arnold G Received Two Entries in the Official Grammy Awards BallotingSouthern California based singer, songwriter, dancer & performer Arnold G has been placed on the Official Ballot for the 2008 Grammy Awards with 2 entries in the following categories "Record Of The Year" and "Album Of The Year"!
  • To be part of Grammy at this stage reinforces our belief we've been taking the right steps in all the right directions in terms of building a fan base, and promoting Arnold G as an international artist. We truly believe there will be greater things to come. This opportunity will definitely turn more heads in our direction. The Grammy can be a powerful tool for any independent artist.Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) November 16, 2007
Southern California based singer, dancer & performer Arnold G has been placed on the Official Ballot for the 2008 Grammy Awards with 2 entries in the following categories:

Category 1 -- Record Of The Year 
Arnold G -- Give It To Me Baby 
Award goes to Artist, Producer, Recording Engineer, and Mixer: 
Arnold G and E&C Remix Factory 
Ballot Entry # 018

Arnold G -- I'm Free 
Award goes to Artist, Producer, Recording Engineer, and Mixer: 
Arnold G and Todd Tuckett 
Ballot Entry # 019

Arnold G -- You Got Me Hot 
Award goes to Artist, Producer, Recording Engineer, and Mixer: 
Arnold G, Jezda, Sharp & Smooth, DC & DJ Grow and Todd Tuckett 
Ballot Entry # 020

Category 2 -- Album Of The Year 
Arnold G -- Driven Straight To The Dance Floor 
Award goes to Artist, Producer, Recording Engineer, and Mixer: 
Arnold G, Jennifer Lipsius, Javelyn, Dan Cella as DC, Johnny Randals as DJ AXIS, George Phillip as Type 41, DJ Paul E, Claudio Collino, DJ Houz'mon, Peter Wibe and DJ TEVA 
Ballot Entry # 022

No stranger to the world stage, Arnold G has wooed audiences with his superb stage performances and soulful voice. Arnold G credits his #1win on Soundclick for the dance album "Driven Straight To The Dance Floor" to the rising popularity of his debut single "You Got Me Hot" which has had 6000 + hits in the last few months on, the largest networking website in the world! Arnold G believes this success proves there is an audience for independent artists. A&G Vice President Jesse Dorado mentions, "To be part of Grammy at this stage reinforces our belief we've been taking the right steps in all the right directions in terms of building a fan base, and promoting Arnold G as an international artist. We truly believe there will be greater things to come. This opportunity will definitely turn more heads in our direction. The Grammy can be a powerful tool for any independent artist."

A special marketing campaign includes extensive promotion on MySpace, Internet distribution outlets and publications. A distribution agreement was signed with IRIS ( for digital distribution outlets all over the world. IRIS will also carry the Driven Beyond album and the YOU GOT ME HOT single.

There are a few socially aware songs on Driven Beyond, including the pop-flavored "Carry On," which highlights the importance of AIDS awareness. A special DVD will accompany the track which includes a video montage of lives lost over the years. A portion of the proceeds from the upcoming singles will be donated to groups involved in AIDS awareness education programs. Moreover, other strong messages are sent through "Our Rainbow" (hate crimes), "Angel Eyes" (crystal meth) and "I'm Free" (coping & life challenges).

The Driven Straight To The Dance Floor CD is available at now. The newest single "You Got Me Hot" with 4 different remixes, will be available worldwide on December 18, 2007. The Driven Beyond album will be available on January 15, 2008 worldwide. You may purchase the physical CDs at on those releases dates.

Please go to , , and (search for Arnold G under Artist) for additional information about Arnold G.

Jesse Dorado (email only please)


"The new music is very Innovative Interesting and Diverse bro you got talent. Truly unique sounds and really a dynamic style of muisc nothin like i heard before." -- J-Cos

"Just can say only one thing. Lovin' it. just... Lovin' it "-- DJ Ruskii

"Pumping Good Stuff. Strong clean productions.. Great synth programming . Loving the vibe.. keep it alive" .. peace -- DJ M3Lodic

"Good stuff. It really takes you on a ride from floatin on a cloud to smashing you head up and down." -- NEMESIS IXI

"Professional work!very good your work! now the way of the house music!" -- DJ TFOX

"Ocean Dreams is the first of your tracks i`ve managed to listen to and i`ve got to say well done as it`s a nice mix of operatic vocal with progressive house/trance ,great ." -- DJ Wyne

"Awesome song man, finally a song worthy of first place on the charts unlike some previous crap, keep up the great work!" -- DJ LELIX

"Oustanding. Kinda reminds me of Trance in Control Wherever they went. Good blend of melodies, very uplifing and melodic."--- One Dark Room

"Outstanding!! You have found just the right blend of echno,house,and electronica. Excellent production and musicianship! "--DJ Ranged

"Excellent display of emotion and power!" --Radio Dystopia

"Excellent production of voices. I love this theme. Excelent. Una pasada de temas, señores, no se lo pierdan." --Radio XCM80

"I gotta say Ocean Dreams is the illest trance piece I've ever heard. The story goes crazy with it. Masterful.." --- DJ Super Ego

"WOW Land of ectasy blew me away excellent just excellent "-- Casinoh, Soundclick

"Arnold Gs musical passion is a danceable homage to our ever-growing freedom and joy "-- Harrison, National radio host, Harrison on the Edge

"The best thing about Our Rainbow, Is that when you look at the lyrics, its is poetry. The line that says: But all these things Im finding, are impossible for me.. I (personally) read as: but with all the colors of the rainbow (meaning everyone together), things can be better. "-- Jeff Long, The Party World

"Our Rainbow musical is making a difference when other victims will sit back and take it" -- Rod Kartochvil, LAPD

"Arnold G has a dance hit on his hands with his self penned tune Give It To Me Baby. And youll be seein stars, when you see him perform on the stage. !" -- Allan Rich, Composer and Song Writing

"Our Rainbow music and the lyrics are poignant" -- Donald, San Francisco  

May 31, 2008:
Congrats to Arnold G and Jennifer L "Ocean Dreams" on landing #1 on the Techno/Club/Dance channel

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The International Family Film Festival: Fourteen Years and Counting Tirelessly Building a Strong Platform for Family Filmmakers To Our Loyal Friends, Filmmakers and Scriptwriters

Fourteen years ago, four friends committed to the family film genre, and decided that through hard work and perseverance they could make a difference in the marketplace for independent filmmakers. With clear purpose they set out to found the first film festival dedicated to emerging works by independent family-genre scriptwriters and film producers.  

They began with twenty dollars, abounding energy and a clear vision.  Fourteen years later they have delivered on their promise.  With resolute determination they have built a strong platform for screenwriters and filmmakers working in the family genre worldwide.   The festival has grown every year and the traditional studio-run mainstream film industry has begun to address the power of such independent family films as Little Miss Sunshine, Slum dog Millionaire and I'll Fly Away providing independent distribution outlets for these unique and valuable films.
The entire distribution model has changed several times during these fourteen years and now, with the help of a strong platform, filmmakers can begin to distribute their own work through the Internet.  The two necessary ingredients are a strong platform and a loyal audience.  The IFFF is proud to have dedicated its' time and energy into building both in the interest of serving screenwriters and filmmakers producing works appropriate for the largest possible audience- the family.

We have never asked our supporters for help over the past fourteen years but we have always had a membership opportunity which could serve to provide us with both financial help and emotional support from those of you who cared about this cause.  This year we are asking for you to reach into your pockets and join us- the minimal membership is $35.  It offers you a 20% discount at the festival and a festival mug.  If you choose to donate up to $100 we will send you a free CD, Driven from Arnold G, a 2009 Grammy-nominated artist, who has graciously donated his work to the festival.  Mostly, either donation helps us build the festival, the platform for family films and the audience. 

Please join us in our continued efforts to create a loyal audience for your future projects, a strong platform for independent film voices, and an international home for family films.

Of the four of us who started the festival, three of us remain, and we work daily to improve and enhance the festival and the organization.  This year we have a record number of films submitted from 23 countries, 24 states and 29 film schools as well as a record number of screenplays.  Join us at the festival, join us in our vision and become a member today!   

With Warm Thanks, 
Suzanne Shoemaker,  Patte Dee McKee,  Chris Shoemaker

Dance Pop Recording Artist Arnold G Received Six Entries in the Official 51st Grammy Awards Balloting is Honored to Perform at the Independent Family Film Festival 2009 FRIZ Awards Ceremony March 1st, Hollywood, California - 

A&G Records recording artist Arnold G selected to perform at the Independent Family Film Festival 2009 Awards Ceremony

Hollywood, CA, February 8, 2009 - Southern California-based singer / songwriter / dancer / perfomer Arnold G heads to the Independent Family Film Festivals 2009 Awards Ceremony on March 1st, to performe his dance hit remake of the 70's song, I'm Not In Love", formely recorded by 10CC. Arnold G has been placed on the Official Ballot for the 2009, 51st Grammy Awards with 6 entries; Song Of The Year", Best New Artist, Best Male Pop Vocla Performance, Best Dance Recording - I'm Not In Love" and "Ocean Dreams", Best Rap/Sung Collaboratoin Arnold G featuting Jezda - "You Got Me Hot" and Composing/Arranging Claudio Collino & DJ Paul E, arranger (Arnold G) for I'm Not In Love.

Arnold G. will be performing for Filmmakers, Producers, Directors, Actors, Press, Critics, Industry and all the award finalists for Best Feature Film, Short Film and Student Short Film. The ceremony will be held at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA.

Arnold G will share the spotlight, honoring Phil Roman (Lifetime Achievement in Art of Animation 14th Annual “Friz Award recipient), and with the all the Filmmaker nominees. The IFFF honors the best films in Hollywood and internationally, and attracts film industry leaders, as well as visitors from around the world.  According to Chris Shoemaker, IFFF Executive Director, "Following the successful market for the independent family films screened at the last IFFF, it became apparent that the family film genre has come of age and is ready to hold its own in Hollywood."

This night will truly be a night to remember, as Arnold G takes the stage with his dancers in 17th Century garb, while he portrays the pompous attitudes of a womanizer, while he sings…”I’m not in love.” Arnold G remarks, “Since this is a film and screenplay awards, why not express the combination of film and music values that connect us all.”  Arnold G has traveled much of the world, performing in Eastern Europe and Canada along with America. He started his career as a dancer and choreographer for various recording artists in Hollywood. As a performer he has been a part of the shows at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, The MGM Grand in Las Vegas and many other major venues. Arnold G is taking the USA by storm.

Arnold G has come together with Freshi-Films and Freshi-Flix, (the sponsors of the IFFF) to help make this wonderful Film Festival a success and to help promote socially responsible films for families to enjoy. Arnold G and Freshi-Films share a common interest in getting kids off the street and into learning a craft in film and music. Arnold G will be donating his proceeds from his “Driven Straight To The Dance Floor” CD in support of this fantastic outlet for children to create art. The CD is available at and all other major digital retailers. The International Dance Academy (IDA), located near the Kodak Theater in the heart of Hollywood is donating the rehearsal space. EI School of professional makeup will be helping on the make up.  Ed Moore, Janet Jackson’s chorographer and Marcelo De Sa Martins, choreographer / dancers will be helping on the dance production and Edward Sandoval, violinist will be joining Arnold G on stage to support the cause.

Arnold G has many fans, including DJ’s from around the world. Here is what some of them say, "Awesome song man, finally a song worthy of first place on the charts unlike some previous crap, keep up the great work!" -- DJ LELIX; and "Outstanding!! You have found just the right blend of techno, house, and electronica. Excellent production and musicianship! "--DJ Ranged

 “It’s not just a love for music, it’s a passion and it goes further than love and beyond a hobby.” Arnold G reflects, “Music for me, is about linking with the audience in a profound way – I'm truly looking forward to this experience… to putting a smile on everyone's face."  Visit to hear more. 


Who is Arnold G?
AG: I’m just another person who has a passion for music. I love to perform and write music. I’m very fortunate to follow my dreams and turn in it to a reality. I take pride of my work. I am a people person. I’m very spiritual who believes to stay grounded as human as I can be. I love acknowledging my strengths as well as my weaknesses and thrive to be the best as I can as a great performer. I’m inspired by many artists, musicians and activists. I love writing uplifting lyrics that can inspire people to make a difference in their lives. As a dancer, I enjoyed producing dance tracks and watching people enjoying them self from the stage and to the dance floor. I like to bring more than just the music by incorporate my dancing skills bring it on the stage. It’s nothing better than seeing happy faces.

What do you do?
AG: I’m singer, songwriter, dancer and a performer who works with DJs on nightclubs, special events and concerts. 

How long have you been in the business?
AG: Dancing, singing and performing off and on, 10 years. Didn’t get really serious not until 3 1/2 years ago that I incorporated all of my talents in to one.

What got you into it?AG: This is an interesting question. Let’s just say, I got inspired by the incident that had happened on October 2002, and of course many mainstream artists in the music business. I started as a dancer first then moved on to writing and singing my own songs. 

What kind of touring have you done?
AG: Well I have toured internationally from Canada to Eastern Europe. I have performed at the White Party 03’, in Palm Springs, Knott’s Berry Farm, MGM Grand, in Las Vegas just to name some. 

What has been your favorite gig?
AG: Almost all. From the small to large productions, performing with my dancers and stage effect makes a big difference on the quality of the show. 

What are your plans for the future?AG: Keep writing and producing great music. Releasing another track for Grammy 2011 is my agenda for my next year single.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?AG: Breaking in to the main stream. Of course, this is happing now it’s just in the matter of time. 

In 10 years?
AG: Boy, I can’t even think that far yet! 

By Jeff, the Partyworld

“I think electronica is becoming a broader term for a lot of different genres; it’s no longer a specific kind of music within the dance scene.”  “These days it’s really hard to label a specific sound. Styles are mutating and sprouting into this all-over new sound, which is basically dance music going back to its roots of disco. There’s so much good music out there and I don’t want to limit myself to just one style.”  

Arnold G has pushed himself further with his much anticipated first artist album, “Driven – Straight To The Dance Floor” (out summer 2006). The title track has already dented the charts #1.  “I wanted to take things a little bit further with the album, my definition of an artist album is something you can play at the club, on at home or in the car and really listen to, so it’s 12 brand new tracks that are very diverse, probably the most diverse things I’ve ever done in the last two years.  

As a dancer you always have to take the crowd into account, but as an artist you have the freedom to make whatever you like, and I find that much more exciting creatively than being bound to that four to the floor or break beat or whatever.

It was also a real luxury as I had about 16 tracks by the time I needed to finish it, and I only selected 12, as I worked the album just got better and better, so it was like drawing a line and saying ‘that’s it’. It’s really hard to let go to be honest, to stop the creative process! In fact, finishing Driven has had the opposite effect and seems more of a start than an end.  I’ve really raised the bar this time in terms of song writing. I know everything about house, trance and dance - I know how to make it, I know about software and computers, but what I hadn’t had time is to invest enough time producing music technically, song structure, arranging, composing, that’s something a little bit new for me but yet I can write lyrics and melody in less than half a hour. I didn’t know I have such talent to write.  Fortunately I’ve found the right people to work with who understand about producing dance music and collaborating on my songwriting - so it’s been a perfect mixture of the two.” ...Arnold G


Congrats to Arnold G –nominated for  2012 Kundirana Concert & International Noble Awards benefiting world medical mission.

“I’m honored to receive the Internation Noble Award, and I’m proud to be an advocate for World Medical Mission's support for trained medical team professionals to provide medical care to people who have been denied access to the struggling healthcare system”   ....Arnold Garcia aka Arnold G, Creator, Producer, Director and Artist  



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