The International Family Film Festival: Fourteen Years and Counting Tirelessly Building a Strong Platform for Family Filmmakers To Our Loyal Friends, Filmmakers and Scriptwriters

Fourteen years ago, four friends committed to the family film genre, and decided that through hard work and perseverance they could make a difference in the marketplace for independent filmmakers. With clear purpose they set out to found the first film festival dedicated to emerging works by independent family-genre scriptwriters and film producers.  

They began with twenty dollars, abounding energy and a clear vision.  Fourteen years later they have delivered on their promise.  With resolute determination they have built a strong platform for screenwriters and filmmakers working in the family genre worldwide.   The festival has grown every year and the traditional studio-run mainstream film industry has begun to address the power of such independent family films as Little Miss Sunshine, Slum dog Millionaire and I'll Fly Away providing independent distribution outlets for these unique and valuable films.
The entire distribution model has changed several times during these fourteen years and now, with the help of a strong platform, filmmakers can begin to distribute their own work through the Internet.  The two necessary ingredients are a strong platform and a loyal audience.  The IFFF is proud to have dedicated its' time and energy into building both in the interest of serving screenwriters and filmmakers producing works appropriate for the largest possible audience- the family.

We have never asked our supporters for help over the past fourteen years but we have always had a membership opportunity which could serve to provide us with both financial help and emotional support from those of you who cared about this cause.  This year we are asking for you to reach into your pockets and join us- the minimal membership is $35.  It offers you a 20% discount at the festival and a festival mug.  If you choose to donate up to $100 we will send you a free CD, Driven from Arnold G, a 2009 Grammy-nominated artist, who has graciously donated his work to the festival.  Mostly, either donation helps us build the festival, the platform for family films and the audience. 

Please join us in our continued efforts to create a loyal audience for your future projects, a strong platform for independent film voices, and an international home for family films.

Of the four of us who started the festival, three of us remain, and we work daily to improve and enhance the festival and the organization.  This year we have a record number of films submitted from 23 countries, 24 states and 29 film schools as well as a record number of screenplays.  Join us at the festival, join us in our vision and become a member today!   

With Warm Thanks, 
Suzanne Shoemaker,  Patte Dee McKee,  Chris Shoemaker


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