“I think electronica is becoming a broader term for a lot of different genres; it’s no longer a specific kind of music within the dance scene.”  “These days it’s really hard to label a specific sound. Styles are mutating and sprouting into this all-over new sound, which is basically dance music going back to its roots of disco. There’s so much good music out there and I don’t want to limit myself to just one style.”  

Arnold G has pushed himself further with his much anticipated first artist album, “Driven – Straight To The Dance Floor” (out summer 2006). The title track has already dented the charts #1.  “I wanted to take things a little bit further with the album, my definition of an artist album is something you can play at the club, on at home or in the car and really listen to, so it’s 12 brand new tracks that are very diverse, probably the most diverse things I’ve ever done in the last two years.  

As a dancer you always have to take the crowd into account, but as an artist you have the freedom to make whatever you like, and I find that much more exciting creatively than being bound to that four to the floor or break beat or whatever.

It was also a real luxury as I had about 16 tracks by the time I needed to finish it, and I only selected 12, as I worked the album just got better and better, so it was like drawing a line and saying ‘that’s it’. It’s really hard to let go to be honest, to stop the creative process! In fact, finishing Driven has had the opposite effect and seems more of a start than an end.  I’ve really raised the bar this time in terms of song writing. I know everything about house, trance and dance - I know how to make it, I know about software and computers, but what I hadn’t had time is to invest enough time producing music technically, song structure, arranging, composing, that’s something a little bit new for me but yet I can write lyrics and melody in less than half a hour. I didn’t know I have such talent to write.  Fortunately I’ve found the right people to work with who understand about producing dance music and collaborating on my songwriting - so it’s been a perfect mixture of the two.” ...Arnold G

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